What to eat for dinner?

How many courses should I prepare?

Yes, don't forget the starters as well! They make all the suspense! If you think it's hard, simply add a few different nuts into colourful pots and chat with your loved ones while finishing off your delicious dinner!

Here's the fun video about the most expensive foods across the world.

Dinner Classics

Chicken Cordon Bleu

  • Cut the breast in half and place the plastic wrap on the chopping board
  • Place the chicken in the middle and fold it gently flattening it out
  • Add some salt and ground black pepper
  • Spread a plastic wrap to the chopping board
  • Place the chicken in the middle
  • Add ham and cheese
  • Using the plastic wrap, role it tight
  • twist it to make it tight
  • It goes in the fridge for thirty minutes
  • Add flour just enough to coat an egg
  • Whisk the bread crumbs add a touch of salt
  • Add some pepper and mix it
  • Place a toothpick in the chicken to seal it
  • Now coat the chicken in flour and remove the excess egg
  • Add bread crumbs
  • Add olive oil to a pan
  • Put the chicken which is sealed on all sides
  • Fry it until golden brown
  • Put it in the oven and cook it at 350F for 20 min
  • Dice a garlic in a pan add olive oil for about five minutes
  • Cook it for two minutes
  • Add plain flour
  • Add some white wine
  • Reduce by half
  • Add cream and mix well
  • Bring cream up to boil for one to two minutes
  • Chop some fresh parsley
  • Give it a good stir
  • Add salt and black pepper and mix
  • When the chicken is rested
  • Once the chicken is sliced take out the toothpicks

Salmon en Croute

  • Make basil sauce of basil leaf and garlic
  • add oil and mix
  • add pepper in cheese and pepper with a touch of salt and mix it
  • add the mix to the cream cheese
  • mix and put in the fridge for 15 minutes
  • dice onion
  • slice garlic
  • add olive oil to the pan
  • then add the onion
  • mix for 5 minutes
  • add fresh spinach
  • add garlic
  • put in a bowl
  • take skin of salmon
  • dust your work surface with flour
  • roll out your puff pastry
  • add spinach
  • place salmon on top of the spinach
  • spread the cream cheese with basil over the top
  • add the rest of the spinach
  • lightly cover the pastry with egg wash
  • season and black pepper
  • season over the spinach lightly
  • fold the pastry all the way over
  • press the sides gently
  • add egg wash to the side
  • gently fold
  • flip it over on a baking sheet
  • put some egg wash on the top
  • put salt and pepper on top
  • let it rest for about 10 minutes guys

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