Losing Weight and Breastfeeding

After giving birth to my son I was 50lb overweight! Although I was an experienced mother of a six year old girl, whom I breastfed for ten months, this time it was quite different. Namely, I was convinced I wouldn't have had enough milk unless I ate like crazy. It was a real nightmare! I remember my friends and relatives looking at me as some kind of monster each time they dropped by.

Now, I don't want to reveal my age, but it is enough to say that it was a few decades ago, so there was no internet, no forums or blogs to turn to for info and support. What's more, there were no specialized products as there are today! My only support was my determined mother who kept pushing me to exercise and eat healthily by cooking delicious soups and bringing them to me each day. I still wonder what I would look like today if she hadn't been there for me?

Luckily, things have changed for better and there are all kinds of support and a variety of products one can get at this time and age. That's why all new mothers should focus only on the importance of breastfeeding their babies:

  • reduced risk of asthma and all allergies
  • reduced risk of obesity
  • reduced risk of some forms of childhood cancer
  • breast fed babies tend to be smarter than babies who were fed with formula
  • it helps with nutrients to support the brain growth

    I guess these are the benefits to bear in mind in the first place and leave the weight loss problems either to the experts or to our moms :)